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IV Sedation Dentistry

Wanuck, Hier & Associates

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If you have anxiety or a phobia and you’ve been skirting the dentist, sedation dentistry is now safer and more effective than ever before and can help you undergo beneficial and necessary dental procedures. At Wanuck, Hier & Associates in Jupiter, Florida, Jason Wanuck, DMD, and the dedicated dental group provide a comfortable dental office and various methods of sedation dentistry, including IV sedation. To learn more about IV sedation dentistry, call the office or request an appointment online.

IV Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is IV sedation dentistry?

Different methods of sedation dentistry can be used to manage pain and anxiety that many patients feel in regard to necessary and beneficial upcoming dental procedures.

For you or your child to receive important dental care, a certain type of sedation dentistry might be needed. IV sedation dentistry involves certain medications and sedatives delivered intravenously and directly into the bloodstream. Intravenous usually refers to a tube or needle inserted into your vein.

What is involved with IV sedation dentistry?

Intravenous, or IV, sedation is often used for more invasive or extensive dental procedures, such as implant surgery, gum surgery, extractions, and root canals.

Dr. Wanuck carefully places a small catheter into a vein in a leg or arm and administers medications through an IV to reach the appropriate level of sedation.

With IV sedation, there must be at least one additional qualified professional, such as an anesthesiologist, to monitor you or your child’s heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation until you wake up.

Wanuck, Hier & Associates has a medical anesthesiologist available for in-office sedation. The team takes gentle care to help relieve and diminish anxiety. They also have experience treating pre-operative patients and children and adolescents displaying disruptive behaviors due to their fear of the perceived situation.

IV sedation (sometimes called conscious sedation) is usually a middle ground that doesn’t fully put you or your child to sleep. It makes you or your child less aware of your surroundings, so you might not remember what happened during your dental procedure.

You or your child might feel groggy for some time after your visit, so you should arrange a ride home.

Why would I need IV sedation dentistry?

If you’re avoiding the dentist because of anxiety, dental complications are more likely to occur with a lack of sufficient, professional dental care. You might need more extensive and invasive dental treatments in your future if bacteria and periodontal disease develop.

IV sedation dentistry allows you to undergo treatments that can protect and improve your dental health.

Dr. Wanuck might suggest IV sedation dentistry if you have:

Overly sensitive teeth
Fear or anxiety
Pronounced gag reflex
Complex dental complications
Difficulty responding to numbing methods
Suffered from traumatic dental experiences in the past
TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and can’t open your mouth for long time periods

In some cases, general anesthesia is needed and you or your child will be completely asleep and pain-free.

If you have anxiety, concerns, or questions surrounding any aspect of your dental care, call Wanuck, Hier & Associates, or request an appointment online.