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Dentistry for Children in Jupiter

Brief Teeth Cleaning Guide for Kids

Children's Dental CleaningDentistry for children is not only important for the health of their teeth, but it is also for their health overall. At Wanuck, Hier & Associates in Jupiter, FL, your kids will be treated by a team who enjoys working with young patients. The office environment here is kid-friendly, and we offer an experienced dental team, fluoride treatments, x-rays and comprehensive examinations, a friendly and professional staff, orthodontic services and emergency care.

Our staff has:

  • Formal training
  • Expanded function certifications
  • Radiology certifications
  • Basic Lifesaving training

Teeth Cleaning in Jupiter

Good oral health starts at the infant stage. After each feeding, be sure to clean your baby’s mouth. This can be done with a clean wet cloth, gauze or xylitol wipe. Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth pushes through the gums.

Teeth cleaning for kids in Jupiter involves wetting a soft-bristled toothbrush. With brushing, the first step is to angle the toothbrush at 45 degrees toward the upper and lower gums. Next, use a back-and-forth motion involving short strokes. Continue this method across each tooth’s inside and outside surface. To reach behind the front teeth, position the tip of the brush at an upright angle. Eliminate bacteria on the surface of the tongue by brushing it.

If you’re considering using fluoride toothpaste before your child turns one-year-old, check with your dentist. If you get the okay to use fluoride toothpaste, then use about a pea-size amount. Be sure to brush your toddler’s teeth in the morning and at night.

Dentist for Children in Jupiter

Dentistry for children in Jupiter involves flossing. Your kids should start flossing when the surfaces of the teeth shift next to one another. Make sure that they’re flossing at least once a day. With comprehensive teeth cleaning, you and your kids can avoid the development of tooth decay, halitosis and gum disease.

To floss, pinch a small amount of it between your index finger and thumb, coiling it around the finger and thumb to create tension. Insert the floss between your child’s teeth gently. Complete this action around every tooth.

Kid-Friendly Jupiter Teeth Cleaning

If you’re looking for an office that offers dentistry for children, then look no further. At Wanuck, Hier & Associates, we’ll make sure that your child’s teeth receive the care they need. Contact us for more information today.


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